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Beanery Blend 1.75 oz coffee sampler

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A soft, smooth blend with fragrant nuttiness and sweet taste. Of the fifty coffee producing countries in the world, we choose three for this blend. Every year we go to the source to identify the coffee harvest and beans that best matches the Beanery Blendtaste.
The Coffee Beanery has the highest standards in the industry when it comes to providing the finest speciality coffees in the world. We believe the real artistry in producing the perfect bean is in the right roast for each variety. Our master roaster roasts each of our speciality coffees to the peak of its taste potential — choosing from a wide range of roasts. The result? Some of our speciality arabica coffees are slightly sweet. Others have a bit of snap. Still, others display a complex, earthy flavor. But each one of our fine speciality coffees has its own distinctive flavor components that are enhanced by our roasting expertise. You can see, smell and taste the difference The Right Roast makes."
Made in United States of America